Links of Interest
  1. Ohio State University Plant Facts
  2. World Class Giant Pumpkins
  3. Heirloom Plants and Garden Forum
  4. Schedel Gardens in Elmore, Ohio
  5. Virtual International Plumeria Society
  6. Penstemon Web Site
  7. Ohio Prairie Nursery
  8. University of Illinois Rose Garden
  9. Ohio Prairie Association
  10. Allium Central
  11. Fine Gardenings Guide to Pronouncing Botanical Latin
  12. North American Lily Society NAL
  13. Ohio Public Library Information Network Tree Identification
  14. Mainley Prints Antique Botanical Prints
  15. Environmental Protection Agency Green Landscaping
  16. University of Hamburg How to Identify Flowering Plants
  17. New York Botanical Garden
  18. International Society of Arboriculture Tree Care
  19. American Iris Society AIS
  20. University of Michigan Native American Ethnobotany
  21. American Hosta Society AHS
  22. American Dahlia Society ADS
  24. World Federation of Rose Societies
  25. US Department of Agriculture Plants National Database
  26. Album of the Plants of Israel Scientific Names
  27. African Violet Society of American AVSA
  28. Trees by Common Names
  29. Index of Poisionous Plants
  30. Botanical Image Database
  31. Thomas Schöepke Plant Image Gallery
  32. Garden Gate Magazine
  33. Weed Science Society of America
  34. National Gardening Association NGA
  35. National Arbor Day Foundation
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